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Archive for the 'Vstone' Category

Videos: Tichno Ad, Chinese Segways, MIT Cheetah, & Curiosity

Four robot videos: Vstone Tichno appears in a television commercial, a Segway-like vehicle developed in China, a balancing experiment using the tail of MIT’s Cheetah, and a nice summary of the Mars rover Curiosity.

• Filio

A robot mascot character created for a Japanese science education program.

Vstone’s Latest Pint-Sized Research Platform

A new robot that could be used to study human-robot interaction.

Stronger-Than-Strong Demand Revives Tetsujin 28-gō Robot

The original Giant Robot gets a reissue, giving fans a 2nd chance to own a real robot based on their childhood hero.

Vstone’s RYOMA Makes TV Appearance

Vstone has built a robot called RYOMA based on the former RoboCup champion, the VisiON 4G.

Vstone Tichno Just Wants to Have Fun

A promo video for Vstone Tichno, a character robot platform.

ATR and VSTONE present Robovie-R Ver.3

ATR and Vstone formally present the Robovie-R Ver.3, including some new photos and videos.

• Robovie R3

ATR and Vstone have announced the third version in their Robovie line of humanoid robots.