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Archive for the 'Mitsubishi' Category

MHI-MEISTeR, nuclear plant inspection robot

I wrote an article about Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ nuclear inspection robot, which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Quebec Hosts Japanese Robots In New Museum Exhibit

A Canadian museum is hosting some famous Japanese robots as part of a new exhibit.

Wakamaru Stars in New Film Based On Stage Plays

A film version of Hirata Oriza’s robot stage play “Deep in the Woods” will be screened at an upcoming film festival.

Wakamaru the Noodle-Slurping Storyteller

Wakamaru will try to make people laugh with its comical performance in a new human-robot interaction study.

Wakamaru Hosts Shipbuilding Tour

With one of its shipyards in Shimonoseki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has employed its humanoid robot Wakamaru to teach kids about shipbuilding this summer.

Ubiquitous Networked Robots by 2012?

ATR is developing a smart network that combines cameras, sensors, and robots to create an assisted living platform. The system could be used in shopping malls and other areas.

• Wakamaru

Wakamaru, Mitsubishi’s bright yellow household robot, can perform basic communication tasks but cannot actually do your chores for you. As a result, this $15,000 robot may be better suited to the commercial sector, where it could be used as a crowd-pleasing host.

MHI withdraws from manufacturing sector: Wakamaru safe (for now)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has decided to shut down its manufacturing robots business, but their Wakamaru robot business is expected to continue.