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Archive for the 'Mitsubishi' Category

• Wakamaru

Wakamaru, Mitsubishi’s bright yellow household robot, can perform basic communication tasks but cannot actually do your chores for you. As a result, this $15,000 robot may be better suited to the commercial sector, where it could be used as a crowd-pleasing host.

MHI withdraws from manufacturing sector: Wakamaru safe (for now)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has decided to shut down its manufacturing robots business, but their Wakamaru robot business is expected to continue.

Robots break a leg on stage

Robots take back the stage in three separate productions, each of which taking place only months after the last.

Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru participates in Osaka festival

Wakamaru helps to revive a custom of the Osaka Tenjin Festival, which had disappeared after World War II.