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Archive for the 'Wakamaru' Category

Quebec Hosts Japanese Robots In New Museum Exhibit

A Canadian museum is hosting some famous Japanese robots as part of a new exhibit.

Wakamaru Stars in New Film Based On Stage Plays

A film version of Hirata Oriza’s robot stage play “Deep in the Woods” will be screened at an upcoming film festival.

Wakamaru the Noodle-Slurping Storyteller

Wakamaru will try to make people laugh with its comical performance in a new human-robot interaction study.

Wakamaru Hosts Shipbuilding Tour

With one of its shipyards in Shimonoseki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has employed its humanoid robot Wakamaru to teach kids about shipbuilding this summer.

• Wakamaru

Wakamaru, Mitsubishi’s bright yellow household robot, can perform basic communication tasks but cannot actually do your chores for you. As a result, this $15,000 robot may be better suited to the commercial sector, where it could be used as a crowd-pleasing host.