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Archive for the 'Dongbu Robot (Dasatech)' Category

Video: Dongbu Robot’s HOVIS Lite, Eco & Genie

Videos and details emerge of Dongbu Robot’s new hobby robot kit.

Coming Soon: Robotic Dolls Based on Dreamy K-POP Idols

A new line of hobby humanoid robots will look like K-POP stars from Girl’s Generations and Super Junior.

Your Android Phone Is This Robot’s Brain

A new brand of DIY robot kits uses Android-based smartphones for added processing power and features.

Robots Welcome Guests at South Korea’s Presidential Residence

Visitors to the Presidential residence will be greeted by a robotic guide and dancing robot dogs and fighters.

Genibo headed to France, Atari online game in tow

Dasa Robot’s robot pooch Genibo is making its way to France, and is rumored to be connected with an Atari online game in some shape or form.