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Archive for the 'Bandai' Category

• Hex Bugs

Bandai’s Hex Bug line of desktop toys are simple miniature robots that can react thanks to their sound, light, and touch sensors.

Toko Toko Tachikoma

A cute new toy based on Ghost in the Shell’s adorable spider tank is out and its cheap enough to make a great stocking stuffer!

Own your own (pretty big) Gundam Statue

Bandai’s 1/12th scale Gundam statue is 5 feet tall, so now you can feel the awesomeness of the giant Gundam statue all year round in your very own living room.

• WonderBorg

Bandai’s WonderBorg is a 6-legged robot kit that could be controlled with a Wonderswan, Bandai’s ill-fated portable gaming system.