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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (BUILDERS)' Category

Igaa-san’s 4-legged, 4-wheeled Tachikoma-like

A cool new hobby robot that resembles the spider-like Tachikoma mecha seen in Ghost in the Shell.

Robot Video Round-Up

A few videos, one is a brief clip from NHK about the new baby robots from Osaka & Tokyo University, the other shows the open source robot Qbo being controlled with a Wii remote.

Hobbyist’s T-800 is Better Than Late Late Show’s Robot

An Australian hobbyist has built himself a cool replica of the T-800 and a robotic crocodile to boot!

Farrell Robotics Free-Styling at RoboGames 2010

A video showing some impressive hobby robots built by Farrell Robotics in the U.S.A.!

Video: FrostyDesign’s Robot Back Flip

FrostyDesign’s robot is back, and this time it performs a back flip!

A-pod the Ant-like Hexapod

A spectacular hexapod robot from last year is shown with new capabilities.

Hexapod Robots Having Fun

Japanese hobbyists get out there multi-legged robots for a bit of fun.

Crazy Home-made Crab Robot (Not Crabfu!)

A Japanese hobbyist has created a hexapod crab robot.