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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (BUILDERS)' Category

Video: FrostyDesign’s Robot Back Flip

FrostyDesign’s robot is back, and this time it performs a back flip!

A-pod the Ant-like Hexapod

A spectacular hexapod robot from last year is shown with new capabilities.

Hexapod Robots Having Fun

Japanese hobbyists get out there multi-legged robots for a bit of fun.

Crazy Home-made Crab Robot (Not Crabfu!)

A Japanese hobbyist has created a hexapod crab robot.

Impressive Desktop Ballbot

A cool self-balancing robot that uses 2 gyro sensors to ride atop a single ball.

FrostyDesign’s Robot Running in Super Slow-Mo

FrostyDesign’s little biped robot sure can run its ass off.

Robita’s Ignis Has Strong Legs (video)

Robita has redesigned his robot’s legs and they’re quite powerful!

Hinamitetu’s Acrobat Robot Successfully Grabs Horizontal Bar!

Hinamitetu’s acrobatic gymnast robot spins in the air, and then grabs back onto the horizontal bar. Pretty crazy stuff to do in your living room.