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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (BUILDERS)' Category

Photos from ROBO-ONE’s Humanoid Helper Competition

A nice selection of photographs from ROBO-ONE’s Humanoid Helper Competition courtesy of Robots-Dreams, and Wonder Festival 2010 courtesy of Hobby Blog.

Mani Zamani’s 3D Printed Articulated Robot Sculptures

Mani Zamani’s robot designs not only look cool – they’re made from a variety of materials in a 3D printing process.

Hardworking Hobbyist’s Robotic Hands

Chinese hobbyist BloodKeith has crafted a pair of miniature 5-fingered robotic hands for his next humanoid robot.

RobotBaka’s Accel Pushes The Pedal To The Metal

RobotBaka’s cool little humanoid Accel is showing off some swift maneuvers in these test videos.

ATOM-7xp caught on camera, sort of

The first video of Futurebot’s full-sized humanoid robot ATOM7xp, built by Dan Mathias, shows it moving its left arm.

Chinese Robots Appear At Hong Kong IT Festival

Arnold Wu has built a very small humanoid robot using unconventional materials! His friend Blood Keith, another hobbyist, has built a larger robot with 5-fingered hands.

• ATOM-7xp

An impressive full-size humanoid robot, hand-made by one man!

Mujaki Clockwork’s Pint-sized Project

Mujaki Clockwork is modifying servos to make them smaller and more compact, which will make his new robot 1cm shorter than the Robovie-nano!