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Archive for the 'ROBOTS (BUILDERS)' Category

Mujaki Clockwork’s Pint-sized Project

Mujaki Clockwork is modifying servos to make them smaller and more compact, which will make his new robot 1cm shorter than the Robovie-nano!

• Silf H2

Katsuhisa Ito’s 2nd bipedal humanoid was much more refined, featuring custom-machined parts and a modified cellphone camera for a head.

• Silf H1

Katsuhisa Ito’s first bipedal humanoid robot was built from scratch to compete at the 20th All-Japan micro-mouse tournament. It won there, and later at RoboCup Japan as well.

3D Printing: Rapid Prototyping for Robots & Art

3D printing technology is gradually become ubiquitous, but depending on the size and purpose of your project there are still few options available. This article will hopefully help point you in the right direction.

• Loki

David Shinsel has built an impressive hobby robot that has image and speech recognition capabilities.