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Archive for the 'NAO' Category

NAO Learns to Autonomously Avoid Obstacles

NAO gets some new abilities thanks to researchers at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg’s Humanoid Robots Lab.

See How DARwIn-OP Stacks Up To NAO

The DARwIn-OP faced the NAO for the first time at RoboCup US Open 2011 in late April.

NAO’s RoboCup Skills Continue To Improve

NAO seems to have better walking skills than it did last year.

Robots Playing The Theremin

Robots playing the theremin. What’s next?

NAO Invades More Than 200 Universities & Schools

The latest promotional video from Aldebaran Robotics touts an impressive adoption rate, and Robotis has unleashed a new promo for their own brand of diminutive humanoid, the DARwIn-OP.

Two TED Talks By Two Female Techies

Two video presentations by two female roboticists.

The Ethical Robot

Bridging the gap between philosophy and computer science, a pair of researchers at the University of Connecticut are imbuing robots with ethical decision-making.

Tokyo Students Put NAO Through Its Paces

The University of Tokyo and Tokyo University of the Arts team up to create motion performances on the diminutive humanoid robot NAO.