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Archive for the 'ATR' Category

Osaka Promotes Local Robots To Mascot Duty

Osaka promotes local robots built by Vstone, ATR, and Eager Co. Ltd. to public relations positions.

ATR’s Ubiquitous Market

An overview of ATR’s UbiMart shopping system, that uses sensors and robots to track and improve customer service.

Geminoid Summit

An unusual gathering of androids and their human counterparts took place in March.

The Elfoid Is The One Of The Worst Ideas Ever

A small telepresence android that would replace modern cellphones…?

Robovie R3: Telepresence Tour Guide

Local volunteers take control of the Robovie R3 to tell tourists about local landmarks.

Actroid / Geminoid-F On Stage in “Farewell”

The latest female android from ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. is being used in a stage play.

The Uncanny Valley Is Strong With This One

AIST held an “open lab” day where they demonstrated some of the robotics technology currently in the works.

Actroid-F Stars in Stage Play “Farewell”

The latest model of Geminoid / Actroid will star alongside human actors in an upcoming stage play.