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Archive for the 'ATR' Category

Kokoro Co. Ltd. Releases New Video of Actroid-F

A short video featuring the latest female robot from Kokoro/ATR.

Telenoid R1: Telepresence Just Got A Whole Lot Creepier

One of the creepiest androids yet; it wouldn’t look out of place at a circus freak show.

Robot Health Care with Robovie-mR2

ATR’s tiny robot, robovie-mR2, could remind your granny of her doctor’s recommendations.

Robovie-R Ver.3 Will Go Shopping This November

Robovie-R Ver.3 will go shopping this November as part of field trials to determine the robot’s commercial viability.

ATR and VSTONE present Robovie-R Ver.3

ATR and Vstone formally present the Robovie-R Ver.3, including some new photos and videos.

• Robovie R3

ATR and Vstone have announced the third version in their Robovie line of humanoid robots.

ATR’s robovie-mR2 Put To Work In Sales

ATR’s small robovie-mR2 is being tested in an experimental set-up that has the robot verbally hawking goods inside stores.

• Geminoid-F

ATR and Kokoro Co. Ltd. have unveiled the latest in their line of realistic androids known as Geminoids.