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Archive for the 'ATR' Category

• Robovie R-2

ATR’s Robovie is a research platform designed for studying human-robot interactions. It has been used as a museum guide robot to test how humans would respond to it.

• robovie-mR2

ATR’s Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab has developed a smaller, cuter version of their Robovie communication robot called the robovie-mR2.

• RoboPal

Given its name, I probably should have found this one sooner. RoboPal was designed by ATR’s Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab to study how robots transition from one role to another, such as from a leader to a follower.

Ubiquitous Networked Robots by 2012?

ATR is developing a smart network that combines cameras, sensors, and robots to create an assisted living platform. The system could be used in shopping malls and other areas.