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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

HRP-2 Promet Walks Over Platform Rather Than Around It

The HRP-2 Promet finds the fastest path, even if that means stepping onto obstacles in its way.

Kondo KHR-3HV Hobby Robot Walks On Stilts

A Japanese hobbyist has programmed his Kondo KHR-3HV to walk on stilts.

Robots in Advertising: AUDI A4

Another commercial featuring computer-generated robots.

Videos: RoboCup’s Adult-Size Competitors

A few qualification videos featuring RoboCup 2011’s Adult-size roster.

ASIMO at Sundance 2011

Honda’s ASIMO appeared at Sundance 2011, and performed the same old demonstration.

PALRO Already Fluent in English!

PALRO is learning English!

Robot Settles New Year’s Resolution So You Don’t Have To

The iCub shows off by doing some push ups in this Rocky-inspired clip.

Another Humanoid Robot Controlled With Kinect

Software developed to control hobby humanoid robots now includes support for the Microsoft Kinect sensor.