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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

NEC Strikes Comedy Gold With Latest PaPeRo Promo Video

NEC’s PaPeRo gets a loud cheering squad in a funny promo video.

Korea’s SIL-BOT Does The Tango & More

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics (KIST, CIR) have uploaded some new videos demonstrating their penguin-like partner robot SIL-BOT.  The robot is being used in early childhood education, and has been modified in some cases for use as a telepresence robot for English teachers.  It was originally designed to help […]

ROBO-GARAGE Demonstrates ROPID (again)

Tomotaka Takahashi gave a lecture at Tokyo University and presented some of his robot creations.


The trailer for an upcoming short film starring a killer robot.

Life With PALRO – Remembering Objects and Places

A couple of new videos show that PALRO is able to remember places and objects.

PR2 Learns To Sense What Can’t Be Seen or Scanned

The PR2 can now sense how much effort is being exerted when lifting or pushing objects to determine whether the object is full or not.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Robot Star

Drexel University’s Music Entertainment Technology Lab has programmed a Robonova-1 robot kit to play a version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on a keyboard.

Dr. Paul Oh Answers “Why Humanoid Robots?”

An interesting lecture on the future of robotics research.