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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

Videos: NAO Climbs Stairs, AIT-T7 Scores!

A couple of videos from different humanoid robot projects.

Female Robot AILA Stars In New Video

DFKI’s female humanoid robot stars in a new video, where it demonstrates autonomous package moving capabilities.

Video: Household Robots in Japan

A Japanese news report featuring some household robots, including those developed by Toshiba and Tokyo University.

ROBO-ONE 18th: OmniShibatan & More Compete

Videos from ROBO-ONE 18th’s technical challenges.

Myon Resurfaces In New “Making Of” Video

Details emerge about Humboldt University’s new humanoid robot, Myon.

A Quick Chat With ROBISUKE

Kobayashi Lab’s conversational robot Robisuke gives directions to a human partner in this demonstration video of its natural language interaction capabilities.

PR2 Polishes The Knob (While Folding Socks), Gets Artsy

The PR2 Quick Start Contest is over, and the winning entry is presented.

Tsutenkaku Robo Nearly Murders Child While Dancing

He didn’t mean any harm, but Tsutenkaku Robo’s comical dance could have hurt someone.