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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

Video: HUBO 2 Throws First Pitch at Cubs-Phillies Game

HUBO 2 throws a disappointing first pitch at a Cubs-Phillies baseball game.

Video: What Happens When Toilets Become Robotized?

A clip from Zenjiro’s comedy routine with PaPeRo.

Robots in Advertising: Absolut Greyhound

An advert featuring some cool robotic greyhounds.

Video: Mini Doc About Mini Bots

A short documentary about RoboCup’s Kid Size humanoid robot league.

ASIMO PSA Teaches Kids How To Cross The Street

A public safety announcement featuring Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO.

Videos: DLR Demonstrates Its High-Profile Robots

Cool video demonstrations of the DLR’s high-profile robotics projects.

Robots in Advertising: Samsung Galaxy Xmas Hugs

RT Corp’s robot mascot joins forces with the Samsung Galaxy tab to give out hugs!

Video: AIST’s HRP-3 Grasps Objects Using Visual Recognition

A video showing AIST’s HRP-3 Promet Mk.II grasping a bottle using visual recognition.