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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

Videos: Gundam Geekery At Its Finest

Two Gundam fans recently showed off their dedication to the popular animated series with a pair of creative hobby projects. First up is Taras Lesko (who goes by the alias Visual Splicer) who created a massive 7-foot tall papercraft model.  He recreated a die-cast model of a mobile suit using a 3D application and printed […]

Video: AIST’s HRP-4C Walks More Like A Person

AIST’s female android walks a bit more like a person.

Takeshi Maeda’s back with OmniZero.13

A brief glimpse of Takeshi Maeda’s latest hobby robot fighter.

Video: NAO Autonomously Charges at Energy Station

It’s been a long time coming, but Aldebaran Robotics has finally got around to creating a self-charging station for their humanoid robot NAO.

Video: HRP-4C Does A Quick Turn

AIST’s humanoid robot can turn 90 degrees in about 1 second by swiveling on its toes.

Video: Tokotokomaru Performs A Traditional Kabuki Dance

Robocon Magazine’s official YouTube channel, Robomaganet, has posted an impressive video of Tokotokomaru, a customized hobby robot doing a traditional fan dance.  The robot has gone through a number of evolutions since at least 2005 (photo above from a 2005 Impress PC Watch article), and was built by Amino Azusa, who also works at Hitachi […]

BioROBO Takes Its First Steps

The BioROBO is up and running, sort of.

CIT Brains’ Teen Size Robot Goes For A Stroll Outside

The 1 meter tall Teen Size competitor from the Chiba Institute of Technology walks outside.