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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

Jaemi HUBO tests out new leg

Drexel University’s Jaemi HUBO (the American sibling to KAIST’s HUBO 2) got a new leg, which is demonstrated in this video.

What has changed since 1983?

A video report from an electronics show from 1983. Portable devices and home robots were just as popular back then, too.

“I, Robot” Korean Art Exhibit

A short video showcasing a Korean pop-art exhibit featuring robots.

TUM Munich’s Housekeeping Humanoid

A German humanoid robot is learning to locate objects so it can pick them up and place them in its surroundings.

SPARKy Robotic Ankle

A robotic ankle that replaces traditional prosthetics with a motor and spring-driven mechanical lower leg that feels smooth and natural.