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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

Humanoid Robots Do The Shuffle & Slip at ICRA 2011

A presentation from ICRA 2011 shows how bipedal robots can turn by shuffling rather than stepping.

Why We Should All Be Scared of Robot Cars

What troubles us about robotic cars?

See How DARwIn-OP Stacks Up To NAO

The DARwIn-OP faced the NAO for the first time at RoboCup US Open 2011 in late April.

Demos from Tsinghua University’s Robot Walking Group

Some video demonstrations from Tsinghua University’s Robot Walking Group.

Rollin’ Justin Can Now Play Catch, Brew Your Morning Cuppa Joe

DLR’s Rollin’ Justin has been programmed to accurately catch balls thrown at it.

Home Service Bot JULIA Appears In Promotional Video

A new video showcasing JULIA, a home service robot developed at the National Taiwan University.

DARwIn-OP at Robogames 2011

A video of the DARwIn-OP at Robogames 2011.

Aldebaran Robotics’ Bruno Maisonnier Talks Robots

The founder of Aldebaran Robotics