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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

The Social Side of Personal Robots

Cynthia Breazeal gives a presentation about social robot interactions at Carnegie Mellon University.

CIT Brains’ Hajime Robot 31 Gears Up For RoboCup 2011

Videos showing off CIT Brains’ Teen Size robot, Hajime Robot 31.

MABEL Gets Feet, Continues To Walk In Circles

MABEL gets some feet, which allows it to walk with a more natural looking gait.

Geminoid Summit

An unusual gathering of androids and their human counterparts took place in March.

Prof. Noel Sharkey on Artificial Intelligence & Other Vodcasts

A series of vodcasts that’s worth a watch or two.

Blinky™ – Watch The Completed Short Film

Blinky™ is a short film about domestic robots.

Robots Playing The Theremin

Robots playing the theremin. What’s next?

NAO Invades More Than 200 Universities & Schools

The latest promotional video from Aldebaran Robotics touts an impressive adoption rate, and Robotis has unleashed a new promo for their own brand of diminutive humanoid, the DARwIn-OP.