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Archive for the 'VIDEO POSTS' Category

What’s Not To Love About The Geminoids?

The first videos of the Geminoid DK.

Mahru Mo-Cap Manipulates Miscellaneous Matter

KIST’s full-scale humanoid robot Mahru can hold large objects with both hands compliantly.

Toyota’s Partner Robots Jam With Human Musicians

A demonstration of Toyota’s i-REAL personal mobility vehicle included delightful performances by their musical Partner Robots.

Video: COMAN Takes Its First Steps

The iCub’s lower legs walk for the first time.

RoboCup 2011: Robo-Erectus Videos

Videos of RoboCup soccer robots demonstrating their walking ability.

Hobbyist Builds Miniature Robot Dog

A hobbyist has built a dog-like robot out of Kondo servo motors.

Wax On, Wax Off, Young Grassbotta

A humanoid robot has learned how to wipe a whiteboard clean.

Two TED Talks By Two Female Techies

Two video presentations by two female roboticists.