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Archive for the 'AIST' Category

Video: HRP-4C Takes A Stroll Outdoors

A video of AIST’s female android walking in an unstructured environment.

Video: HRP-4C Sings At Jisso Protec 2011

The singing and dancing android makes another appearance.

Robots Playing The Theremin

Robots playing the theremin. What’s next?

Robots Are Getting Better At Mimicking Human Movements

Videos showing Simon’s latest improvements and the HRP-2 Promet’s new navigation strategy.

HRP-2 Promet Walks Over Platform Rather Than Around It

The HRP-2 Promet finds the fastest path, even if that means stepping onto obstacles in its way.

HRP-2 Promet Steadies Itself Using Household Objects

Researchers at AIST are working on a novel approach to robot navigation that solves for whole-body contacts with the environment and surrounding objects, including other robots.


The HRP-2FX is a simplified humanoid robot developed for falling experiments.

Photos: HRP-4C Goes For A Stroll Outside

AIST’s female humanoid robot, HRP-4C, takes a stroll outside courtesy of a new stabilization controller.