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Archive for the 'AIST' Category

• HRP-2m Next

AIST and General Robotix are selling the endoskeleton of their rehabilitation robot Taizo as HRP-2m Next, an upgrade to their small educational humanoid robot, HRP-2m Choromet.

• Taizo

AIST and JST have developed a rehabilitation robot named Taizo to help promote exercise and fitness to the elderly.

• HRP-2P “P-chan”

AIST’s 2nd robot in its HRP series was the wholly original HRP-2P, the first of its size to be able to get up from a prone position. It also reduced the impact of a fall using reactive motion control.

Asimo and HRP-2 Promet go to work

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and AIST are pitting humanoid robots against moving obstacles in their labs.

• HRP-1

The first in a series of groundbreaking humanoid robots from AIST, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, was actually a modified Honda P3 on loan for research purposes.

AIST’s HRP-4C dons wedding dress

The HRP-4C was dressed up in full wedding dress regalia as part of a fashion show July 22nd 2009.