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Archive for the 'BIT' Category

Beijing Institute of Technology Unveils BHR-4 & BHR-5

Researchers from the Beijing Institute of Technology reveal the fourth and fifth generations in their line of humanoid robots.

• BHR-3

A look at the BHR-3, one of China’s few full-size humanoid robots.

• Eliza

A “welcome robot” from China appeared at the Guangzhou Asian Games 2010.

Photos: Robot Performers in China

Photos of robots from various parts of China including mythic folk singers, beautiful model androids, and a huge rock-n-roll Transformer.

• BHR-1 & BHR-2 “Huitong”

Beijing University developed these humanoid robots, the 2nd generation of which has appeared on television performing Tai Chi.

• BeiBei & JingJing

BIT has developed the next generation in their line of humanoid robots, named JingJing and BeiBei.