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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

Videos: Meet The Creator of KURATAS & More

A selection of videos including an interview with Kogoro Kurata (the creator of the KURATAS mecha), Texas A&M University’s bipedal robot AMBER 2.0, a summary of Purdue University’s DDR Robot project, and a horrifying Panda Robot Head from Taiwan.

Honda Launching Robotic Lawn Mowers In Europe Next Year

Honda announces a line of robotic lawn mowers which will go on sale in Europe sometime in 2013.

• pMA Gorilla “Lucy”

An ape-like robot that uses pneumatic muscle actuators.

• Nico

Nico, a humanoid upper-torso robot, developed at Yale University.

• Hector

CompanionAble, a €7.8M euro project to develop an in-house robot assistant and smart home environment.

Videos: Tichno Ad, Chinese Segways, MIT Cheetah, & Curiosity

Four robot videos: Vstone Tichno appears in a television commercial, a Segway-like vehicle developed in China, a balancing experiment using the tail of MIT’s Cheetah, and a nice summary of the Mars rover Curiosity.

• SDUST Baby

A simplistic service robot developed in China.

Video: Dongbu Robot’s HOVIS Lite, Eco & Genie

Videos and details emerge of Dongbu Robot’s new hobby robot kit.