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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

Boston Dynamics Takes Center Stage In New DARPA Challenge

DARPA announces an incredible new robotics challenge, and teams up with Boston Dynamics to furnish competitors with bleeding-edge humanoid technology!

ASIMO PSA Teaches Kids How To Cross The Street

A public safety announcement featuring Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO.

Video: First Look at Team DARwIn’s Teen-Sized Bot

A video of Team DARwIn’s Teen-Size robot.

The USA’s Magnificent 7 Full-Size Humanoids

A historic deal with South Korea paves the way for humanoid robots in the United States.

Hitachi’s EMIEW 2 Continues To Evolve

Hitachi’s office assistant robot EMIEW 2 received new upgrades.

Video: Aldebaran Robotics’ ROMEO Introduces Himself

Project ROMEO is finally begin to show itself.

BioBiped1 Can Hop With The Best Of Them

A new musculoskeletal biped robot project that can already hop.

FloBi Robot Head Tracks, Recreates Facial Expressions

FloBi moves with more lifelike motion and expression thanks to a simple motion-capture setup.