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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category


A dexterous social robot named FLASH created by the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland.

BBC Horizon Features The ALEAR Project

The one-eyed German-built humanoid Myon helps us to understand the origins and evolution of language.

Videos: NAO Dances, Real King Kizer Karate Chops & More

Videos showcasing robot dancing, karate chopping, and more.

TELESAR V Avatar Transfers Touch, Vibration, Temperature

Tachi Lab’s impressive Telexistence system reproduces tactile sensation, vibration, temperature, and more.

Mind-Controlled Miniature Mechanical Manservants?

A robot controlled with thought patterns alone.

AndyVision: Retail in the Year 2020?

A robot programmed to keep track of store inventory might transform the retail experience of the future.

Beijing Institute of Technology Unveils BHR-4 & BHR-5

Researchers from the Beijing Institute of Technology reveal the fourth and fifth generations in their line of humanoid robots.

U of Arizona Researchers Build Bipedal Robot

A bipedal robot developed at the University of Arizona is producing naturalistic walking gaits.