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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

• Chroino

Chroino is a diminutive humanoid robot designed by Tomotaka Takahashi of Kyoto University’s ROBO-GARAGE. A beautiful exterior body gives this robot much of its character.

• Iowa State University’s Humanoid Robot

Iowa State University has developed their own custom humanoid robot from a pair of Barrett Whole Arm Manipulators and an expressive head developed in 3DStudio Max.

Up Close & Personal with Evolta 2.0

Panasonic held a press event before sending Evolta 2.0 off to the race track.

• Topobo

Topobo are modular robotics for everyone from children to adults created at MIT’s Media Lab. Different modules do different things, from learning motions to sensing the world around them.

Agricultural Machinery Repairman’s Recycled Mechanical Artworks

An mechanic has salvaged enough parts from his repair shop’s junk bins to fashion 140 unique sculptures, some of which are about to be displayed in Gwangju City Art Museum Children’s Gallery, South Korea.

Cyberdyne’s HAL exoskeleton is being tested in hospitals

Cyberdyne’s robotic exoskeleton is being tested on the old and infirm.

NY Times reports on ailing Japanese robot market

The NY Times reports on the robotics slump in Japan brought on by the recession, but fail to see the broader picture.

• Archie

A robot nicknamed Archie was shown off by Vienna’s University of Technology, co-developed with the University of Manitoba.