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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

• RoboCar Z

ZMP’s RoboCar is a robotics development platform intended for universities and businesses interested in implementing embedded systems in automobiles.

Cafero put to work in Robot Cafe

Yujin Robot’s drink serving robot Cafero is now serving drinks to customers at Robot Cafe, in South Korea.

Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru participates in Osaka festival

Wakamaru helps to revive a custom of the Osaka Tenjin Festival, which had disappeared after World War II.

• HRP-1

The first in a series of groundbreaking humanoid robots from AIST, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, was actually a modified Honda P3 on loan for research purposes.

• Mutant / AIBO prototypes

The SONY AIBO began development in 1992. Following the formation of the Digital Creatures Laboratory, the first prototypes began to emerge, including a 6-legged robot called Mutant and two 4-legged versions shown to the public.

KAIST donates Human-friendly Welfare Robots

KAIST has developed rehabilitation robots for use in hospitals, which have been donated to National Rehab in South Korea.

• Chroino

Chroino is a diminutive humanoid robot designed by Tomotaka Takahashi of Kyoto University’s ROBO-GARAGE. A beautiful exterior body gives this robot much of its character.

• Iowa State University’s Humanoid Robot

Iowa State University has developed their own custom humanoid robot from a pair of Barrett Whole Arm Manipulators and an expressive head developed in 3DStudio Max.