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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

Interview: Francisco Paz Rodríguez (CEO, TheCorpora)

An interview with Francisco Paz, head of TheCorpora, and creator of the open-source personal robot

Shimi, The Android-Powered Toe-Tapping Music Bot

A new U.S. start-up plans to launch an Android-powered music-playing robot in early 2013.

Coming Soon: Robotic Dolls Based on Dreamy K-POP Idols

A new line of hobby humanoid robots will look like K-POP stars from Girl’s Generations and Super Junior.

Video: 10 Years Pursuing Whole-Body Multicontact Control

A video showcasing a decade’s worth of research into whole-body multicontact control by Luis Sentis.

Hajime Sakamoto’s 4 Meter Robot Gathers Steam

A new control method for one of the tallest humanoid robots in the world.

This Little Robot Can Sure Run Its Ass Off

A video showcasing a fast biped robot developed at Tsinghua University, China, and the Italian Institute of Technology.

Toyota Retires Trumpet-Playing Partner Robot

Toyota retires one of its Trumpet-playing Partner Robots from active duty.

• HyQ

The Italian Institute of Technology’s hydraulically actuated quadruped.