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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category


An overview of what is considered South Korea’s first humanoid robot.

The ART Project’s Nuclear Inspection Centaur Robot

An overview of Japan’s ambitious ART Project, to build three types of robots for use in dangerous environments.

Video: Robonaut 2 Put To Work Aboard The ISS

NASA’s Robonaut 2 gets to work aboard the ISS.


Researchers at TITECH have created a swimming humanoid robot to test water resistance and swimwear.

• ApriPetit

Toshiba unveils the ApriPetit, a smaller version of their household communication robot.

ICRA 2012 Plenary Session: Outline of HUBO 2

A summary of Dr. Jun Ho Oh’s plenary session from ICRA 2012, which gives an overview of his lab’s advanced humanoid robot research platform.

DARPA’s ARM Program Enters Phase 2

DARPA’s ARM Program enters its second phase with a dual-armed robot.D

• MH-2 Wearable Communication Robot

A new miniature, wearable humanoid robot developed at Yamagata University’s Tsumaki Telerobotics Lab.