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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

Choromet-2 Appears At Science Square Tsukuba

The HRP-2m Next gets an exoskeleton, upgraded to Choromet-2.

U.S. Robotics Start-Up Hstar Technologies’ Military, Nurse Bots

A U.S. Robotics start-up is developing nursing and soldier extracting robots that can lift in excess of 300 pounds.

Video: What Happens When Toilets Become Robotized?

A clip from Zenjiro’s comedy routine with PaPeRo.

Chinese Restauranteur Boasts 18 Robot Workers

Another Chinese restaurant staffs robots.

• Pepsi Nex Boy

Pepsi Japan knew how to market their latest brand of cola in the Robot Kingdom: give away bipedal robots!

PLEN Gets A Brain With Arduino Upgrade

PLEN is being given some autonomy at Kyutech’s Wagatsuma Lab.

• That’s Impossible: Real Terminators

A review of the History Channel series’ That’s Impossible episode about military robots.

ROBORAMA: Robot Puppets Perform “Wizard of Oz”

A robot puppet play based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was one of the attractions at ROBORAMA, which took place in Italy.