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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

U.S. Robotics Start-Up Hstar Technologies’ Military, Nurse Bots

A U.S. Robotics start-up is developing nursing and soldier extracting robots that can lift in excess of 300 pounds.

Video: What Happens When Toilets Become Robotized?

A clip from Zenjiro’s comedy routine with PaPeRo.

Chinese Restauranteur Boasts 18 Robot Workers

Another Chinese restaurant staffs robots.

• Pepsi Nex Boy

Pepsi Japan knew how to market their latest brand of cola in the Robot Kingdom: give away bipedal robots!

PLEN Gets A Brain With Arduino Upgrade

PLEN is being given some autonomy at Kyutech’s Wagatsuma Lab.

• That’s Impossible: Real Terminators

A review of the History Channel series’ That’s Impossible episode about military robots.

ROBORAMA: Robot Puppets Perform “Wizard of Oz”

A robot puppet play based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was one of the attractions at ROBORAMA, which took place in Italy.

Korean Museums Lining Up Robot Guides

Museum guide robots appear in South Korea.