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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

Robot Force creates cute customized Kondo KHR-3HV “Sambi”

Robot Force created a cute female robot called Sambi based on Kondo’s KHR-3HV custom robot kit.


Aldebaran Robotics’ humanoid robot NAO has transformed RoboCup’s Standard Platform league, which once belonged to the dogs.

• U.T. Palette

U.T. Palette is the head and neck version of Flower Robotics’ graceful mannequin robot, Palette. It showcases fine jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, with the utmost class.


FUWA, not to be confused with the mascots of the Beijing Olympics, is a service robot developed at Fudan University, in Shanghai, China. It could be used to teach English to schoolchildren.

Tokyo University’s Book Scanning System (now with video)

A video of Tokyo University’s book scanning system.