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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru participates in Osaka festival

Wakamaru helps to revive a custom of the Osaka Tenjin Festival, which had disappeared after World War II.

• HRP-1

The first in a series of groundbreaking humanoid robots from AIST, Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, was actually a modified Honda P3 on loan for research purposes.

• Mutant / AIBO prototypes

The SONY AIBO began development in 1992. Following the formation of the Digital Creatures Laboratory, the first prototypes began to emerge, including a 6-legged robot called Mutant and two 4-legged versions shown to the public.

KAIST donates Human-friendly Welfare Robots

KAIST has developed rehabilitation robots for use in hospitals, which have been donated to National Rehab in South Korea.

• Chroino

Chroino is a diminutive humanoid robot designed by Tomotaka Takahashi of Kyoto University’s ROBO-GARAGE. A beautiful exterior body gives this robot much of its character.