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Archive for the 'ROBOTS' Category

NY Times reports on ailing Japanese robot market

The NY Times reports on the robotics slump in Japan brought on by the recession, but fail to see the broader picture.

• Archie

A robot nicknamed Archie was shown off by Vienna’s University of Technology, co-developed with the University of Manitoba.

AIST’s HRP-4C dons wedding dress

The HRP-4C was dressed up in full wedding dress regalia as part of a fashion show July 22nd 2009.

• Jaemi HUBO (aka HUBO 2)

Jaemi HUBO, developed at KAIST, is the heart of a 5-year international research project beginning in 2009, worth a total of $5 million dollars, with aims to make the USA and Korea the global leaders in humanoid robotics.

Toyota’s Partner Robot program: the next 5 years

Souya Takagi outlines Toyota’s plans for their Partner Robots program for the next 5 years.