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Archive for the 'MIT' Category

LuminAR Bulb transforms any surface into a touch screen

I wrote an article about MIT’s unique camera and projector system, which was published at Gizmag. Read it here.

Videos: Tichno Ad, Chinese Segways, MIT Cheetah, & Curiosity

Four robot videos: Vstone Tichno appears in a television commercial, a Segway-like vehicle developed in China, a balancing experiment using the tail of MIT’s Cheetah, and a nice summary of the Mars rover Curiosity.

Videos: Justin Dances, NAO Descends A Ramp, & MIT’s Cheetah Runs

The researchers at the German Aerospace Center love their robot Justin so much they even spend some of their free time playing with it.  Take this video, for example, of Justin performing the iconic dance moves seen in the diner scene from Pulp Fiction.  Now if they would just connect Justin’s torso to that pair […]

Boston Dynamics Breaks Speed Record for Legged Robots

A look at two of the cheetah-inspired quadrupeds competing in DARPA’s M3 program.

U.S. Navy Showcases LASR’s Ridiculous Fire-Fighting Robot

Some of the do’s and don’ts of fire-fighting robots.

The USA’s Magnificent 7 Full-Size Humanoids

A historic deal with South Korea paves the way for humanoid robots in the United States.

FastRunner: DARPA’s Metal Gear?

A bio-inspired ostrich that can run at speeds in excess of 20 mph that, conceptually, looks quite a bit like robots from a popular video game franchise.

• Kismet

An overview of MIT’s socially intelligent interactive robot head, Kismet.