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Archive for the 'MIT' Category

• Cog

An overview of MIT’s humanoid robot Cog.

The Social Side of Personal Robots

Cynthia Breazeal gives a presentation about social robot interactions at Carnegie Mellon University.

Two TED Talks By Two Female Techies

Two video presentations by two female roboticists.

• Mertz

Mertz is an active-vision robot head developed at the MIT Media Lab to learn from social interactions.

• MeBot

MIT’s Personal Robotics Group has given birth to a small telepresence robot that looks downright silly.


MIT’s Personal Robotics Group and Senseable City Lab are working with Audi to develop a robotic agent that sits in your car, and helps you determine optimal routes to get where you’re going.

MIT’s Cheetah-inspired Biomimetic Robot Hellion

One of the creators of the gecko-inspired StickyBot is developing a running robot based on the cheetah.

• Autom™

Autom is a robotic weight-loss coach that interacts with a person on a daily basis to help them reach their weight-loss goals.