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Archive for the 'Flower Robotics' Category

Quebec Hosts Japanese Robots In New Museum Exhibit

A Canadian museum is hosting some famous Japanese robots as part of a new exhibit.

Palette Takes Part in ISETAN Global Green Campaign

Palette, the robotic mannequin, was on display as part of an environmental campaign in Shinjuku.

• Posy

Posy is a flower-girl robot, designed by Tatsuya Matsui to connect humans & robotics in a more personal, meaningful way.

• P-Noir

P-Noir is a robotic clown that designer Tatsuya Matsui describes as a feminist.

• AU iida Polaris

Flower Robotics has developed a robot that puts the “mobile” in mobile phone.

• U.T. Palette

U.T. Palette is the head and neck version of Flower Robotics’ graceful mannequin robot, Palette. It showcases fine jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings, with the utmost class.

• Palette

Palette is a robotic mannequin developed by Flower Robotics that can model clothing and jewelry in a variety of poses, even shifting position towards the viewer if necessary.

Tatsuya Matsui’s thoughts on PINO

The following is an excerpt from Tatsuya Matsui’s English homepage which is no longer online. I have reproduced it here for those interested in the history of his wonderful robot, PINO, which he created with Hiroaki Kitano for JST ERATO.