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Archive for the 'HAL' Category

Japanese first-responders could wear HAL exosuits

I wrote an article about Japan’s plan to suit up in HAL exoskeletons, published at Gizmag. Read it here.

HAL Exoskeleton Helps Carry Man Up Mont St. Michel

A robotic exoskeleton helps a disabled man enjoy the sights of Mont Saint-Michel.

The Future of Rehabilitation Care?

Robots appeared at the Int’l Modern Hospital Show 2010 in the “Future of Rehabilitation Care” section.

Cybernetics with Professor Sankai

A video interview with Professor Sankai, a robotics professor and researcher who is developing a robotic exo-skeleton to help assist people in their daily lives.

Cyberdyne’s HAL exoskeleton is being tested in hospitals

Cyberdyne’s robotic exoskeleton is being tested on the old and infirm.