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Archive for the 'Team Osaka' Category

• Tichno R

Team Osaka’s Tichno R is the sibling of Vstone’s Tichno, a 4 ft tall humanoid robot designed for RoboCup’s Teen Size League.

• Vstone810

Vstone is the driving force behind Team Osaka’s Teen Size League robots. The Vstone810 earned Team Osaka the extra points it needed to win the Humanoid League Cup.

• VisiON 4G

Team Osaka’s 4th model of their VisiON robots debuted in 2007 to compete in RoboCup’s Humanoid League and featured an expanded level of mobility.


The third generation in Team Osaka’s award-winning robots developed for RoboCup’s Humanoid League.


VisiON NEXTA was the 2nd humanoid in the VisiON series of robots developed by Team Osaka for RoboCup. It was used for RoboCup 2005.

Figure Review: Chroino & VisiON

A review of Vstone’s figures based on ROBO-GARAGE’s Chroino and Team Osaka’s VisiON humanoid robots.

• VisiON

In 2004, Team Osaka made their first entry into RoboCup Soccer with VisiON, which won them the Humanoid League cup that year.