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Archive for the 'Honda' Category

ASIMO visits Canada!

Honda is airing a commercial specifically aimed at Canadians featuring their humanoid robot, ASIMO.

New details emerge about Honda’s P4

New details emerge about Honda’s previously undocumented prototype P4.

ASIMO Teaching Kids To Respect The Environment

ASIMO takes some time out to teach kids about the environment.

Honda Reveals Undocumented ASIMO Prototype (P4)

Honda is showing off a previously unseen prototype of their humanoid robot. The P4 is the last intermediate between the P3 and ASIMO.

Download & Build Your Own ASIMO (Papercraft)

An official ASIMO papercraft is now available for free to download, print, and assemble!

Honda’s “Living With Robots” Documentary Goes Live!

Honda’s documentary short film “Living With Robots” starring ASIMO is now live.

Honda’s “Living With Robots” Short to debut at Sundance

Honda has produced a short film that ponders life with robots such as ASIMO, and it will debut at the Sundance Film Festival in late January.

HUBO 2: The World’s 3rd Running Humanoid Robot

KAIST’s HUBO 2 has become the world’s third full-size humanoid robot capable of running.