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Archive for the 'Honda' Category

Honda’s Impossible Dream 2 (Commercial) an Instant Classic

A new version of Honda’s Impossible Dream tv commercial, this time with added Honda vehicles and my personal favorite addition: ASIMO.

ASIMO meets Tsutenkaku Robo

The world’s most advanced humanoid robot got paid a special by the world’s most ridiculous robot.

New Honda U3-X Promo Video Begs the Question Why

Honda releases a new video showcasing the technology inside their U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype, but at the end of the day one wonders if anything can top the simple bicycle.

ASIMO visits Canada!

Honda is airing a commercial specifically aimed at Canadians featuring their humanoid robot, ASIMO.

New details emerge about Honda’s P4

New details emerge about Honda’s previously undocumented prototype P4.