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Archive for the 'ASIMO' Category

ASIMO PSA Teaches Kids How To Cross The Street

A public safety announcement featuring Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO.

What Happens When You Push ASIMO?

Simulation video showing how ASIMO reacts to being pushed from various directions.

Safe Falling Strategies For Humanoid Robots

Simulation videos showing how ASIMO can fall more safely than other robots.

Honda (barely) celebrates ASIMO’s 10th Anniversary

Honda celebrates ASIMO’s 10th anniversary without much fanfare.

Do You Have A Honda?

Three Honda commercials that will bring a smile to just about any robot lover’s face.

Book Review: RoBolution

A book review of RoBolution, a photo book that covers five humanoid robots developed in Japan.

Asimo and HRP-2 Promet go to work

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and AIST are pitting humanoid robots against moving obstacles in their labs.