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Archive for the 'New ASIMO' Category

Quebec Hosts Japanese Robots In New Museum Exhibit

A Canadian museum is hosting some famous Japanese robots as part of a new exhibit.

ASIMO at Sundance 2011

Honda’s ASIMO appeared at Sundance 2011, and performed the same old demonstration.

ASIMO Interaction Study at Ars Electronica 2010

ASIMO interacts with regular people as part of an HRI study.

Honda’s Impossible Dream 2 (Commercial) an Instant Classic

A new version of Honda’s Impossible Dream tv commercial, this time with added Honda vehicles and my personal favorite addition: ASIMO.

ASIMO meets Tsutenkaku Robo

The world’s most advanced humanoid robot got paid a special by the world’s most ridiculous robot.

ASIMO visits Canada!

Honda is airing a commercial specifically aimed at Canadians featuring their humanoid robot, ASIMO.

ASIMO Teaching Kids To Respect The Environment

ASIMO takes some time out to teach kids about the environment.

Download & Build Your Own ASIMO (Papercraft)

An official ASIMO papercraft is now available for free to download, print, and assemble!