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Archive for the 'KIST' Category

KIST’s Humanoid Robots Dance, Copy Movements

High quality videos of full-sized humanoid robots dancing? Sign me up!

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010

Robots at R&D Exhibition 2010, held at COEX in Seoul South Korea.

• BabyBot & BabyBot-R

KIST developed two robots in an attempt to research the cognitive capabilities of a 1-year old child.

Humans & Robots… Dreams of Communication

A cute photo of kids interacting with KIST’s Mahru-Z humanoid robot.

South Korea: Robot Teachers Rolling Out in 2012

KIST says their R-Learning program (robotic teaching assistants) will be introduced to 500 preschools in 2011.

Kids say Robot Teachers are “easy” & “fun”

Kids seem to like their robotic substitutes in South Korea, where a trial is being conducted to test the efficacy of the replacement English teachers.

Robots from Design Korea 2006

A design exhibit from 2006 gives us hints into Samsung’s design process when they were working on the next robot in their line of humanoids.

Failing Grade for Robot Teachers in Korean Classrooms?

Robots teaching English in South Korean classrooms don’t appear to be doing a very good job.