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Archive for the 'KIST' Category

Korea’s SIL-BOT Does The Tango & More

The Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics (KIST, CIR) have uploaded some new videos demonstrating their penguin-like partner robot SIL-BOT.  The robot is being used in early childhood education, and has been modified in some cases for use as a telepresence robot for English teachers.  It was originally designed to help […]

Robots Included in TIME’s 50 Best Inventions of 2010

TIME’s best inventions of 2010 includes many robots, but it could always use a few more.

Service Robots from ROBOT WORLD 2010

ROBOT WORLD 2010 was held from October 28th~31st 2010, showcasing some of Korea’s latest military, industrial, and service robots alongside some international exhibitors from France and Taiwan.  Aldebaran Robotics showcased NAO, and DasaRobot had a display for their robotic dog, Genibo.  Genibo may get a 2nd generation as DasaRobot announced plans to reveal a new […]

• Kibo ver.2

Kibo ver.1.2 is a taller and more capable version of CIR’s small bipedal humanoid robot.

• Kibo

Kibo was CIR’s first attempt at a small, expressive bipedal humanoid robot. It would later be replaced by a more sophisticated version (Kibo ver.1.2).