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Archive for the 'Toshiba' Category

• ApriPetit

Toshiba unveils the ApriPetit, a smaller version of their household communication robot.

Video: Household Robots in Japan

A Japanese news report featuring some household robots, including those developed by Toshiba and Tokyo University.

• Wheelie

Toshiba unveiled a household robot designed to carry trays of food called Wheelie.

• ApriAttenda ver.2

Toshiba’s ApriAttenda ver.2 was unveiled in February 2009. Unlike its predecessor, it has arms and hands with which it can grasp objects. It is being developed to help around the home.

• ApriAttenda

Toshiba’s ApriAttenda was intended to be a robotic nanny capable of looking after the very young and very old.

Ubiquitous Networked Robots by 2012?

ATR is developing a smart network that combines cameras, sensors, and robots to create an assisted living platform. The system could be used in shopping malls and other areas.

• ApriPoco

ApriPoco is the latest generation in interface robots from Toshiba, replacing their ApriAlpha line. Users train the robot with a combination of conventional remote-usage as well as their voice.

• ApriAlpha

Toshiba’s ApriAlpha household robot went through three revisions between 2002 and 2006, and was envisioned as a “life support partner” that automates the home.