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Archive for the 'Robot Force' Category

Tsutenkaku Robo Nearly Murders Child While Dancing

He didn’t mean any harm, but Tsutenkaku Robo’s comical dance could have hurt someone.

ASIMO meets Tsutenkaku Robo

The world’s most advanced humanoid robot got paid a special by the world’s most ridiculous robot.

Tsutenkaku Robo Appears at Nippombashi Street Festival

The Tsutenkaku Robo makes its debut to thunderous applause.

Tsutenkaku Robo Coming Soon

Robot Force has almost finished building a character robot based on the Tsutenkaku Robo seen attracting visitors to Osaka in tourism commercials.

• Dog-Wan

Daisen and Robot Force teamed up to make this robot dog.

The 1st Humanoid-Only UEC Rescue Robot Contest

Osaka’s Electro-Communications University held a humanoid-only Rescue Contest

RoboFight 10 Day Two Highlights

The 2nd Day of RoboFight 10 brought out the heavy hitters in an orgy of robot destruction.

RoboFight 10 Day One Highlights

Highlights from the first day of Robot Force’s 10th RoboFight bipedal robot fighting tournament.