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Archive for the 'ROBO-GARAGE' Category

Japan plans to send mini robot to the ISS

I wrote an article about the Kibo Robot Project, which sent a miniature robot to the International Space Station, published by Gizmag. Read it here.

Robi robot can be built with weekly magazine subscription

I wrote an article introducing Robi (by ROBO-GARAGE), published by Gizmag. Read it here.

EVOLTA Robot Battery Recharger Set Goes On Sale

A collectible based on Panasonic’s cute robot mascot is going on sale, and it doubles as a recharger!

Panasonic Announces EVOLTA World Challenge IV

Panasonic reveals the latest version of their robot mascot EVOLTA.

Japanese Robot Will Allow Anyone To Tweet In Space

Details on JAXA’s planned space robot.

Sneak Peek at “The Boy Who Wanted To Meet A Mermaid”

Tomotaka Takahashi’s ROPID stars in a short film by young director Taijin Takeuchi.

ROPID’s Film Debut Coming Later This Month

ROPID’s shot film is coming in late March.

ROBO-GARAGE Demonstrates ROPID (again)

Tomotaka Takahashi gave a lecture at Tokyo University and presented some of his robot creations.